ICSE- Coordinate geometry- Questions from Previous years question papers

1.The slope of a line joining P(6,k) and Q(1,-3k) is ½ . Find a) k b) Mid point of PQ using the value of k in (a)

2.A line AB meets X-axis at A and y axis at B. P(4,-1) divided AB in the ratio 1:2

a)Find the coordinates of A and B

b)Find the equation of the line through P and perpendicular to AB

3.Find the value of a for which the following points A(a,3), B(2,1) and C(5,a) are collinear. Hence find the equation of the line.

4.In triangle ABC, A(3,5), B(7,8) and C(1,-10). Find the equation of the median through A

5. In the figure given , The line segment AB meets X-axis at A and Y-axis at B. The point P(-3,4) on AB divides it in the ration 2:3. Find the coordinates of A and B


6.Given a line segment AB joining the points A(-4,6) and B(8,-3). Find

a)The ration in which AB is divided by Y-axis

b)The coordinates of point of intersection

c)The length of AB

7. The line through A(-2,3) and B(4,b) is perpendicular to the line 2x-4y=5. Find the value of b.

8.   The line through P(5,3) intersects Y axis at Q

a)Write the slope of the line

b)Write the equation of the line

c)Find the coordinates of Q


9. ABC is a triangle and G(4,3) is the centroid of the triangle. If A= (1,3), B=(4,b) and C=(a,1), find ‘a’ and ‘b’. And length of side BC

10.ABCD is a parallelogram, where A(x,y), B( 5,8), C(4,7) and D(2,-4) . Find the coordinates of

a)Coordinates of A

b)Equation of diagonal BD

11. Given equation of line L1 is y=4

a)Write the slope of the line L@ if L2 is bisector of angle O

b)Write the coordinates of point P

c) Find the equation of L2



12. A and B are two points on the x-axis and y-axis respectively. P(2,-3) is the midpoint of AB. Find the

a)Coordinates of A and B

b)Slope of line AB

c)Equation of line AB











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