SSLC-Karnataka- Some important questions- Chapter Silicon

Fill in the blanks

  1. Electronic configuration of Silicon is _____________________
  2. Silica gel is used in _______________
  3. ____________ is used for polishing granite

1 or 2 marks questions

  1. Which are the allotropic forms of Silicon?
  2. What is emery paper?
  3. What is silicosis?
  4. Give reason : The workers in asbestos factories shall be provided with gas mask
  5. Describe biological significance of silica
  6. Why is hydrochloric acid used in extraction of silica

3 or 4 marks questions

  1. Describe the extraction of amorphous silicon
  2. Describe the extraction of crystalline silicon
  3. Compare the properties of Amorphous Silicon and Crystalline silicon
  4. Explain how silicon reacts with water with chemical equations
  5. List uses of silicon

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