SSLC- The story of humans- Some important questions

Fill in the blanks

  1. Theory of natural selection was proposed by __________________
  2. Human being belong to the genus ____________ and order ___________
  3. The semi erect terrestrial form of primates from which apes and human beings evolved is ___________
  4. Ancestors of apes are named as ______
  5. Pre human appeared in India is named_____________
  6. Descendants of Ramapithecus appeared in _________
  7. Descendants of Ramapithecus are named as_____________
  8. ________________ are considered as first humans.
  9. Homo erectus evolve _______ years ago
  10. Earliest form of Homo sapiens is known as __________
  11. _______________ replaced Neanderthals.

Long answers (3 marks /4 marks)

  1. Modern man is very similar to _____ in terms of biological evolution.
  2. The name given to oldest known fossil of human like forms
  3. What are the characters human beings shares with primates?
  4. List out the characteristics of Zinzanthropus? (How zianthropus evolved?)
  5. Explain the features of first human(Australopthecus)
  6. Explain how Australopthecus evolved into human like forms?
  7. Explain how Homo habilis evolved to homo erectus?
  8. Explain features of Neanderthal man
  9. How and when did Neanderthal man disappear?
  10. How is modern man considered as the most dominant creature on earth?
  11. Explain features of different human races.
  12. Write note on Ramapithecus.
  13. Differentiate between Austolopithecus and Homo erectus
  14. Give brief account of human evolution
  15. What are the differences between homo habilis and homo erectus

Short answers (1 mark/2marks)

  1. What is stereoscopic vision?
  2. Which is considered true ancestor of modern man?
  3. How did Java man got the name?
  4. What led to the discovery of Peking man?
  5. Give four examples of primates.
  6. Where was fossil of Cro-Magnon man discovered? And where did Cro-Magnon presumed to live?
  7. Name five human races.

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