Failure of a student or failure of a teacher?

Now it is exam and results season. Most of the students have received their results. Some are waiting for their results. The student about whom I’m writing has failed in exams. So which was the exam he attended? Civil services exam ? NO! Engineering or any professional course ? None of those. This student has failed in his L.KG. exams. When mother of this student approached  me to suggest some tutor to teach him, I asked her the reason for looking a tutor for L.KG. student. Her answer astonished me. The school teachers had told her to make him pass  the L.KG. (which is the toughest exam 🙂 ), otherwise she had to look for another school! The little boy was looking at me with timid look.

I felt disgusted! What is happening to our education system?! The teachers, who are supposed build the confidence of children, are making the students timid. If they had failed a tenth standard student or 8th standard student, it is understandable. An L.KG. Student failed??!! This was only because, the school has to maintain their reputation, for getting 100% results every year. They were filtering out the students whom they felt incapable in L.KG.  🙁

I didn’t know anything about what the kids learn in lower KG. I asked one of my friends , who is working in a school after her training in Montessori teaching. And she sent what they teach for lower and upper KG students.

The brief of  curriculum :

  1. English letters
  2. Writing on 4 lines
  3. Vowel combination
  4. Constants and vowel combination
  5. Concepts like big and small, far and near, hot and cold etc
  6. About colors , shape, family school etc
  7. Animals, fruits vegetables etc
  8. Numbers , counting

The teachers decided he could not study these and failed him. Not only failed him, also they told the parents to get admission in some other school. The child has  come down few steps down in confidence. The education, which was supposed to build confidence in children, is making them timid. The teachers who should be the cause of children’s confidence and enthusiasm are making the students depressed. How can we judge the intelligence of a kid at the tender age of 4 -6 years? The schools are behind marks, 100% passing and ranks and the school should be at the top. So they found this boy a slow learner and failed him in LKG itself!Is it failure of the student or failure of the teachers, who made the kid to loose his confidence?

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