SSLC-Karnataka-Some important Questions- Plant and Chordates-Part1

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Examples for unicellular algae are________________ and _______________
  2. __________________pigment is present in brown algae
  3. The plant body of algae is called______________
  4. Red alga is called_________________
  5. Largest and complex algae is called _______________
  6. __________________ are called amphibians of plant kingdom
  7. The plant body of algae and bryophyte is ________________
  8. Mosses growing in marshy places is called_____________
  9. Haploid generation of bryophytes is called_______________
  10. Diploid generation of bryophytes is called______________
  11. The sporophte in bryophytes produces haploid spores by_____________________
  12. __________________are first terrestrial plants to develop vascular tissue
  13. Adult plant body of pteridophyte is called_____________
  14. Give examples of bushy gymnosperms plants.
  15. Fruit bearing plants are called______________

One mark questions

  1. List out five kingdoms of plants and animals
  2. What are vascular plants?
  3. Give example of photosynthetic algae
  4. Name the algae used in the production of Potassium and Iodine
  5. What are non vascular plants?
  6. Why bryophytes are called amphibians of plant kingdom?
  7. Which are the two groups of plants in bryophytes?
  8. Give example for liverworts and mosses
  9. What is the difference between mosses and liverworts?
  10. Which are the two generations included in life cycle of bryophytes?
  11. How does bryophyte help in soil formation?
  12. What are male and female gamets of pterodophytes called?
  13. Differentiate between monocot and dicot root system


Two marks questions

  1. Explain the methods of reproduction in algae
  2. What are the uses of algae
  3. How does asexual reproduction take place in algae?
  4. Why is life cycle of bryophytes called alternation of generations?
  5. What are tracheophytes? Which are the categories of tracheophyte?
  6. List out economic importance of pteridophytes.
  7. Why are gymnosperms called as naked seeded plants?

3 marks question

  1. Explain structure of algae
  2. Explain the life cycle of algae with a diagram
  3. Write the economic importance of bryophytes
  4. Explain the body structure of pteredophytes with examples.
  5. Explain reproduction/life cycle in pterodophytes
  6. Explain the structure of gymnosperms
  7. Differentiate between monocots and dicots.
  8. List out economic importance of angiosperms

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