SSLC-Karnataka-Some important Questions- Control and coordination

1 marks questions:

  • What is pancreas?
  • Define endocrine system.
  • Give reason : Oxytocin is known as birth hormone
  • A person feels lethargic, shows intolerance towards cold and is gaining weight. What could be the reason behind this problem?
  • Name the hormones produced when glucose level is high or low in the blood.
  • Name the type of neurons found in spinal and cranial nerves.
  • Which part of the ear determines the pitch of the sound?
  • What do you mean by co-ordination?
  • What is accommodation of eye?
  • Draw schematic diagram representing the reflex arc
  • marks questions:
  1. What are the causes of following disorders:
  2. Acromegaly
  3. Cretinism
  4. Gigantism
  5. myxoedema
  6. How human eye perceive the color of an object?
  7. Differentiate between nuclei and ganglia
  8. What are the symptoms of diabetes mellitus
  9. What are the functions of thyroid hormones? Name the male and female hormones responsible for changes during puberty? Also specify the organs that secrete them
  10. How does auxin help to a shoot to bend towards light source
  11. Differentiate between voluntary and involuntary action
  12. State the role of brain in reflex action
  13. Compare choroid and retina
  14. What is astigmatism? How it is rectified?

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