Failure!?-take it easy, but for a short while



May-June in India is season of results of exams. Some of the students who have written exams in the months of March and April have received their results. And some are eagerly waiting.

Recently SSLC Karnataka, CBSE 12th and ICSE results have been declared. Most of the students have scored very well. Congratulations to all of them for their future. Some could not get the results as expected and some have failed. This post if for the students who could not achieve as they expected and for those who have failed. Guys, I don’t sympathize with you, instead I congratulate you. You have got one more chance to prove yourself.

You have failed or could not achieve? Take it easy…but for a short while!Who hasn’t failed in life. Take examples from your home, your mother has failed many times while making a dish, your father has failed many time while accomplishing a job. If you have younger siblings, you have seen them growing up. As toddlers, they have fallen many times while walking. Even you have crossed this stage. Your teachers have failed many time, it might be academic failures, or failed while giving their first lecture etc. Scientists- Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Charles Darwin , Isaac Newton etc, businessmen -Henry Ford, Soichiro Honda,Bill Gates, Walt Disney , Richard Branson etc and sports-persons-Michael Jordan, Mikha Singh …the list of failures is endless, because each of us have failed, may be in exams or in our job or achieving our goals.  Never take failure to heart.

Next step is take the failure to brain. Allow the brain to analyse the failure. While analysing let the brain  be honest.  Write down the reasons for your failure. Example did not concentrate on learning the concepts, didn’t solve the previous year question papers etc.

Now make the action plan for each of the reason. And start working on your plan immediately. Because exams for the failures will be conducted in one or two months gap. Concentrate more on your weaknesses and overcome that. Success will follow failure.


-Lets grow together intellectually,


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