SSLC- Plants and Animals breeding – Some important questions

Fill in the blanks

  1. Crop plants cultivation is started in _________________ age
  2. Crop plants are classified on the basis of ______________
  3. The crops that are raised in rainy season called ______________
  4. Crops that are harvested in summer called ___________
  5. Procedure in which seeds are selected from plants having desirable characteristics ______________
  6. Increase in the chromosome sets per cell can be achieved by a chemical ___________
  7. The basis of tissue culture is _________ of plant cells.
  8. Example of genetically modified herbicide resistant _____________
  9. In Bt cotton gene isolated from _____________ is introduced
  10. Method of growing plants in mineral rich water is called ____________
  11. Crossing of the male and female individuals of the same species among the same breed is ____________

Short answers- 1 or 2 marks

  1. What are food crop plants?
  2. Define term variety.
  3. What are the procedures in conventional breeding?
  4. What is tissue culture?
  5. Define totipotency.
  6. What is roof top gardening?
  7. List out the approaches used in animal breeding.
  8. What is in breeding?
  9. What is hybridization?
  10. List out the three different kinds of breeds of cow with example
  11. What are preservative?

Long answers – 3-4 marks

  1. Write the types of crop plants with examples
  2. Write brief about plant breeding. What is its advantage
  3. Classify crops with examples.
  4. Explain selection
  5. Explain different procedure followed in hybridization
  6. Explain polyploidy with its advantages and disadvantages.
  7. Explain induced mutation
  8. Explain genetic modification.
  9. List out uses of tissue culture
  10. How the Bt cotton is made free from worm infestation
  11. Draw diagram of Hydroponics system
  12. What are the advantages of hydroponics?
  13. Explain aeroponics with diagram
  14. Hydroponic and aeroponics are significant in developing space food.
  15. What are the benefits of roof top gardening
  16. Write about types of livestock depending on their utility.
  17. What are the main outcomes/objectives of animal breeding?
  18. What are transgenic animals? Give examples.
  19. Explain about food additives.
  20. List out the types of preservatives.

Match the following

1 Herbicide resistant A Golden rice
2 Pest resistant B Leguminous plants
3 Virus resistant C Tomato (flavr savr)
4 Modified ripening D Water melon
5. Nitrogen fixation E Cotton
6. Vitamin A enriched F Tobacco


1 Exotic breed A Bacillus thuringinesis
2 Cross breed B Hallikar
3 Indigenous breed C Inter genetic hybridization
4 Bt cotton D Frieswal
5. Triticale E Friesian


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