SSLC- Space science (A)- Stars and galaxies – Some important questions

Fill in the blanks

  1. The process of birth to the death of star is called _________________
  2. The sun is now in _________ state
  3. The super dense remnant of supernova is called ____________
  4. Before 1960 Quasars are considered as _____________in our galaxy.
  5. Black holes are recognized by the properties like ____________ and ___________
  6. Color of the stars depend on its____________
  7. Sun is in _________________ galaxy
  8. Sun is located ___________________ distance from the centre
  9. Most common galaxies are __________ in shape
  10. The most beautiful galaxy is__________
  11. Example of spiral galaxy is___________
  12. The first element formed within few minutes after supernova is ____________

1 or 2 marks

  1. Define steady state.
  2. List out the different stages of evolution of star.
  3. What are pulsars?
  4. What are galaxies?
  5. What are the kinds of galaxies

3 or 4 marks

  1. Explain the formation of protostar?
  2. What is protostar? Explain how a protostar is converted in to a star?
  3. What is red giant?
  4. Explain how a red giant gets converted to Planetary nebula?
  5. Explain the formation of white dwarf
  6. How does a star reach s Supernova Explosion?
  7. Write a note on black hole
  8. Write a note on elliptical galaxy
  9. Write a note on spiral galaxy
  10. How does big bang theory explain the beginning of universe
  11. What will happen in case of the star has mass less than about 1.4 solar mass
  12. Write the differences between Galaxy and Constellation

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