SSLC- Heredity – Some important questions

  1. What are the advantages which made Mendel to choose pea plants for his experiments?
  2. Define heredity.
  3. Define variation.
  4. List out the characters of the pea plants with their contrasting form which Mendel selected for his experiments.
  5. What is mono-hybrid cross? Give an example
  6. State principle of dominance
  7. State law of segregation
  8. State law of independent assortment
  9. Give an example of inheritance that deviates from the principle of dominance
  10. What is incomplete dominance, with an example?
  11. Explain structure of DNA with diagram.
  12. Explain replication of DNA
  13. List out significance of DNA
  14. Differentiate between genotype and phenotype
  15. Differentiate between inherited and acquired traits
  16. Differentiate between dominant and recessive traits
  17. How does variation lead to evolution?
  18. What is mono hybrid cross, explain with checker board
  19. With the help of diagram explain the structure of chromosome
  20. How do Mendel’s experiments show that traits may be dominant or recessive?
  21. Variation is useful for the survival of species overtime but the variants have unequalchances of survival. Explain the statement

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