SSLC- Electronics- Some important questions

1. What are semiconductors? Give examples
2. What are the differences conductors and semiconductors
3. Explain the structure of Silicon crystal with the help of diagram
4. Define hole in silicon. How is hole formed in silicon
5. The two kinds of current carriers in semiconductors are _________ and _________
6. In _____________________ semiconductors electrons and holes are present in equal number.
7. What are two types of semiconductors? Explain each
8. What is doping?
9. Write the differences between extrinsic and intrinsic semiconductors.
10. Explain how n type semiconductor is formed.
11. Explain how p type semiconductor formed.
12. To form n-type semiconductor ____________ is added to silicon
13. To form p-type semiconductor ___________is added to silicon
14. Differentiate between n-type and p-type semiconductors
15. Define diode
16. How is depletion region formed? Explain with a diagram
17. Explain forward biasing with diagram
18. Explain reverse biasing with a diagram
19. Define p-n junction.
20. What is rectifier?
21. Draw the electronic circuit symbol of diode.
22. Write the application of diodes.
23. What are the types of diodes?
24. Define transistor?
25. Explain three segments of transistors
26. Explain npn transistor
27. Explain pnp transistor
28. What are the types of biasing used in transistor?
29. Explain action of transistor with a circuit diagram
30. Define a) Super conductivity b) Critical temperature
31. Write uses of super conductors.

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