SSLC – Karnataka – Carbon and its compounds- Functional group- Important questions

  1. Define functional group .
  2. Alcohols contain functional group _____________
  3. –COOH is the functional group present in _________________
  4. Amines are represented by______________
  5. Explain polyfunctional compounds with examples
  6. What are alcohols?
  7. Many health conscious people consume food cooked in unsaturated oils like sunflower. Give Reson
  8. What is hydrogenation?
  9. What is saponification of fat?
  10. Define saponification value.
  11. How nomenclature is done for hydrocarbons?
  12. Compare between saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons.
  13. Why some hydrocarbons are called saturated and some are unsaturated?
  14. Full form of IUPAC is______________

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