SSLC-Karnataka- Important questions- Carbon and its compounds

SSLC-Karnataka exams are scheduled from March 31st. Here are some important questions which might help some students.

Fill in the blanks

  1. Carbon belongs to group _______ in periodic table
  2. Carbon occurs in nature in __________and __________ form
  3. Crystalline form of carbon is ______________
  4. Chemically identical and physically differing forms of an element are called ____________
  5. ___________________ is alloy made from carbon and iron
  6. _______________ characteristic of carbon makes it form exceptionally large number of compounds
  7. Carbon bonds with other carbon atoms giving rise to large molecules. This property of carbon is known as___________
  8. Vital force theory was put forward by ______________
  9. Wohler prepared Urea by heating _____________________
  10. Nature of bonding in organic compounds is______________
  11. Isomers of butane are ____________ and _____________
  12. The valency of carbon atom is __________ so its called ____________
  13. The first organic compound synthesized from inorganic compound is______________
  14. _____________ number of carbon compounds are already known


Answer the following —2 marks/1marks

  1. What is Catenation?
  2. Write the structural formulae of the following:
  • Methane
  • Isobutene
  • N-butane
  1. What is allotropy?
  2. Give an example of allotropy.
  3. Which are the allotropic forms of carbon. Give example
  4. Write electronic configuration of carbon and ec in exited state
  5. How carbon is tetravalent?
  6. Show the formation of methane compound using electronic configuration diagram.
  7. Which are the characteristics of carbon responsible for the occurrence of large number of carbon compounds
  8. The first three alkanes do not have any isomers
  9. State vital force theory.
  10. Write the equation of the reaction from which Urea was synthesized by Wohler
  11. CO, CO2 are considered as inorganic compounds-Give reason
  12. What is organic chemistry?

Answer the following ———–3 marks

  1. Which are the ways the catenation occurs in carbon Draw diagram for each
  2. There is entire branch of chemistry devoted to the behavior of carbon compunds.
  3. Explain how tetra-valency of carbon forms different kinds of bonds, with diagram
  4. What is isomerism, explain with example.
  5. Write the difference between Organic and Inorganic compounds
  6. Write significance of organic chemistry

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