A teacher brings the difference

Teacher plays important role in any student’s life. In Indian tradition  we treat a teacher as GOD. Salute  to a Great teacher, our former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who inspired millions of students, who passed away recently. Whole of India is till mourning over his death

In one of his quotes he said:

Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam Image courtesy-google

Yes, teacher should inspire, teacher should become a role model to the students. I consider myself as lucky , because I had learned from wonderful teachers. Now also their thoughts and actions inspire me a lot.

I came across this student , who is an example how a teacher influences a student.

Spoorti has joined my tutorials two months back. She is studying in 9th ICSE. When she came to meet me, she  was very quite and looking at me with twinkling eyes. Looking at her eyes I felt, she is not so confident. I had the feeling like,  “something missing”. I did not ask anything. I told her to start attending class from the next day.

Next day she arrived at the class, and told me about the syllabus which need to be studied this year. To test her, I told her to some sums, and within half an hour she solved all the problems and showed those to me. Though she had taken little bit help from me to solve those problems, all were correct. Then I asked her, though she is very good in Maths, why does she need to attend the tutorial classes. She told that, she can solve the problems but she is unable to get marks in maths. She looses all her confidence during maths exam and she forgets everything. I asked about her marks from her 1st standard. She told she got 100 /100 till class fourth. Then she slowly told in timid voice, she lost interest in maths from fifth standard and the marks also started declining. I guessed something, and asked how was her maths teacher in 5th standard. She looked angry, and with angry voice Spoorti told, her maths teacher was to beat her for any mistake, with a bamboo stick.My guess was right. Her teacher had played a role for her hatred towards maths.  Yes, a teacher makes the difference.

Now I’m trying to bring back her confidence. Hope I will be successful.

-Lets grow together intellectually,


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