My expirience as teacher

My passion about teaching led me to start a tutorial. 4 years back it was started with students, now nearly 40 students are getting trained. Hundreds of students are trained in 4 years. My journey as teacher is wonderful and teaching me one or the other life lessons continuously. I have lots love and respect from the students . While teaching the students I have learnt many things from them too.

Celebration of Teacher’s day last year with students

Now the tutorials has many students from different schools, different classes. Many students come from quite a far place. I really pity them as it becomes very hectic to come from far places. So I have decided to train the students through this blog. I will uploading many tutorials, worksheets and guidelines to the students. I will try to cover the syllabus of Maths and Science  which will help the students from grade 5 to 12. In future will try to cover some higher classes too. Hope these will help many of the students who are eager to learn.

Lets grow together intellectually, Ranjana

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